Professor S.S. Dragomir

Current and Future Teaching

My present position as a Research Chair in Mathematical Inequalities & Applications does not involve many undergraduate teaching responsibilities. I am responsible for teaching the following subjects in 2009:

I am also in charge with managing the School of Engineering & Science Problem Solving Competition (PSC).

The PSC competition is conducted in two stages. The first stage will be an electronic test on a given day in July every year at 9am-9pm, and will be open to all registered Year 9 –12 students. Students will log onto this site and have 50 minutes to complete the test.

In the second stage,  selected students will be invited to the University on Open Day (usually in August) to participate in a written test. All of these students will be given a certificates of merit and be eligible for prizes such as book vouchers, cool electronic gadgets and scholarships.

For the future I am interested in giving  undergraduate and postgraduate Lecture Courses in General Inequalities & Real Analysis with  ramifications in Numerical Integration, Approximation of Integral Operators, Information Theory, Coding & Guessing, Probability Theory & Statistics, Functional Analysis & Operator Theory.