Professor S.S. Dragomir

Teaching Philosophy


I believe everyone can learn. 
There are common goals each student must achieve, but we can take different paths to reach these common goals. It is not the job of the teacher to force uniformity in learning. It is the job of the teacher to support individuality. Understanding and capitalizing on the diversity of each student, allowing them to use their individual strengths, is paramount to good teaching. 

I believe everyone wants to learn. 
The secret is to find the right motivation. It must be kept in the teacher’s mind each student is different, so their motivations are different. Students are eager and energetic. With a little guidance in the right direction and a small push, they will seek out and discover the answers they are seeking. They will experience, first hand, the effects of their decisions. There is no better way to learn this than through first hand experience. Students, guided by the teacher, will make some serious decisions. They will then experience, first hand the effects of their decisions. This is all designed to prepare them for the real world.