Professor S.S. Dragomir

Present Students

Eder Kikianty
a PhD student, has published one paper and had two accepted. Her are areas of research are Functional Analysis ang Geometry of Banach Spaces, and her thesis is entitled "Semi-Inner Products and Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities in the Geometry of Banach Spaces". Eder has won multiple awards and is studying at Victoria University as a recipient of the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science Research Scholarship.

G. Hanna
a PhD student, has published six papers and a chapter in the area of multidimensional quadrature. This important topic impacts many fields that involve the study of multiple dimensions with important applications for Fourier multidimensional transforms. These transforms in their turns are employed in edge detection in image processing and thus accurate approximation will have a flow of impact in Optics and its applications. 


Past Students

F.C. Cirstea 
already has seven publications in some of the most prestigious journals in Mathematical Analysis and Applications. She will continue, under my supervision, to investigate the problem of existence and uniqueness for the solutions of different partial differential equations modelling practical problems in fluid mechanics, and other physical phenomena related to the equilibrium of anisotropic continuous media etc. Florica was in receipt of a government funded international research scholarship. 

Florica completed her PhD in 2004 and has been awarded a four-year Post-Doctoral research position at the Australian National University.


Other Students

I also co-supervised a PhD student, Mr. V. Gluscevic enrolled at Adelaide University (C.E.M. Pearce is his principal supervisor) and another student at Timisoara University, Romania. This student, Mr. V. Boldea, was under my collaborator’s principal supervision, Prof. C. Buse located at Timisoara University.