RGMIA Monographs

S.S. Dragomir  
Some Gronwall Type Inequalities and Applications
(pdf) (ps)   (197 pages in total)


The main aim of the present research monograph is to present some natural applications of Gronwall inequalities with nonlinear kernels of Lipschitz type to the problems of boundedness and convergence to zero at infinity of the solutions of certain Volterra integral equations. Stability, uniform stability, uniform asymptotic stability and global asymptotic stability properties for the trivial solution of certain differential system of equations are also investigated.

Note: This book is not in final form. The author invites researchers who have published relevant papers to contact him for their results to be included in a new version.
To reference this book, please use the following:
S.S. DRAGOMIR, Some Gronwall Type Inequalities and Applications, RGMIA Monographs, Victoria University, 2000. (ONLINE: http://ajmaa.org/RGMIA/monographs.php/).

Alpha version: 17th October, 2000
Beta version: 7th November, 2002