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Monograph Collection

This page provides members with access to online monographs and books by the RGMIA members listed in the alphabetical order of the authors. All publications here are in preprint form and copyright is held by the authors. For comments or more information on the books and monographs, please contact the respective authors. 

  1. M.W.N. Alomari
    Several Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard, Ostrowski and Simpson Type for s-Convex, Quasi-Convex and r-Convex Mappings and Applications

  2. G.A. Anastassiou
    Riemann-Liouville Fractional Multivariate Opial Inequalities on Spherical Shell (pdf) (ps)

  3. Ovidiu Bagdasar
    Inequalities and Applications (pdf)

  4. N.S. Barnett, P. Cerone and S.S. Dragomir
    Inequalities for Random Variables Over a Finite Interval

  5. Mihály Bessenyei
    Hermite–Hadamard-type Inequalities for Generalized Convex Functions (pdf)

  6. Jean-Christophe Bourin
    Compressions, Dilations and Matrix Inequalities

  7. P.C. Bullen
    A dictionary of inequalities - Supplement

  8. K. Dohmen
    Improved Inclusion-Exclusion Identities and Bonferroni Inequalities with Applications to Reliability Analysis of Coherent Systems (pdf) (ps) (gzps)

  9. S.S. Dragomir 
    Inequalities for the Numerical Radius of Linear Operators in Hilbert Spaces

  10. S.S. Dragomir 
    Inequalities for Functions of Selfadjoint Operators in Hilbert Spaces

  11. S.S. Dragomir 
    Advances in Inequalities of the Schwarz, Grüss and Bessel Type in Inner Product Spaces

  12. S.S. Dragomir 
    Advances in Inequalities of the Schwarz, Triangle and Heisenberg Type in Inner Product Spaces

  13. S.S. Dragomir 
    A Survey on Cauchy-Buniakowsky-Schwartz Type Discrete Inequalities

  14. S.S. Dragomir 
    Semi-Inner Products and Applications

  15. S.S. Dragomir 
    Some Gronwall Type Inequalities and Applications

  16. S.S. Dragomir (Editor)
    Inequalities for Csiszár f-Divergence in Information Theory

  17. S.S. Dragomir  and   C.E.M. Pearce
    Selected Topics on Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities and Applications 

  18. S.S. Dragomir and  T.M. Rassias (Editors)
    Ostrowski Type Inequalities and Applications in Numerical Integration

  19. Alawiah Ibrahim 
     Some Inequalities Concerning Power Series and Their Interaction with Univalent Function Theory

  20. Yousef M. H. Jawarneh and Mohammad W. Alomari 
     On Approximation of the Riemann-Stieltjes Double Integral

  21. Eder Kikianty 
     Hermite-Hadamard Inequality in the Geometry of Banach Spaces

  22. Xhevat Z. Krasniqi 
     All About L^{1}-Convergence of Modified Triginometric Sums

  23. J. Roumeliotis  
    A Boundary Integral Method Applied to Stokes Flow

  24. I.J. Taneja  
    Generalized Information Measures and Their Applications

  25. Gh. Toader
    Hierarchies of Convexity of Functions

  26. Gh. Toader
    Hierarchies of Convexity of Sequences

  27. Gh. Toader and S. Toader
    Greek Means and the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean

  28. Z. Tomovski
    Convergence and Integrability on Some Classes of Trigonometric Series

  29. Fiza Zafar
    Some Generalizations of Ostrowski Inequalities and Their Applications to Numerical Integration and Special Means

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