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Problem Corner

The RGMIA Problem Corner is a place for members to pose non-trivial mathematical inequalities problems.

To submit a problem or a solution, put your details and your question/answer in the template provided and email the tex file to anna.pang {at} with "Submit to RGMIA Problem Corner" in the subject line.

Once compiled, your output will look like this. Once put into our RGMIA customised template, this is the result. The maintainers of this website reserve the right to refuse publication of problems/solutions which they feel to be repetitive, inappropriate or inflammatory.


No. Author/s and Statement Responses/Solutions
1. Ovidiu Furdui  PDF S. Manyama  PDF
2. Slavko Simic  PDF A. Witkowski  PDF,   S. Manyama  PDF,   M. Alomari  PDF
3. Chao-Ping Chen  PDF  
4. Tuan Le  PDF  
5. Chao-Ping Chen  PDF  
6. Mohammad Alomari  PDF A. Witkowski  PDF


No. Author/s and Statement Responses/Solutions
1. M. Hassani  PDF S. Simic  PDF
2. Jian Liu  PDF  
3. Y.N. Aliyev  PDF  
4. Wei-Dong Jiang  PDF Miwa Lin  PDF
5. Duy Khanh Nguyen  PDF Manh Dung Nguyen  PDF
6. Duy Khanh Nguyen  PDF  
7. Duy Khanh Nguyen  PDF  
8. M. Alomari  PDF  
9. Jian Liu  PDF Gord Sinnamon  PDF
10. Jian Liu  PDF Duy Khanh Nguyen  PDF
11. Slavko Simic  PDF  
12. Ebrahim Ghorbani  PDF  
13. Jian Liu  PDF  
14. Chao-Ping Chen  PDF Seiichi Manyama  PDF




No. Author/s and Statement Responses/Solutions
1. J. Patel  PDF O. Furdui  PDF
2. Jian Liu  PDF  
3. J. L. Diaz-Barrero  PDF T.K. Pogany  PDF
4. Wei-Dong Jiang  PDF Manh Dung Nguyen and Duy Khanh Nguyen  PDF
5. F.M. Dannan  PDF S. Simic  PDF
6. S. Simic  PDF S.M. Sitnik  PDF
7. O. Furdui  PDF  


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