Inequalities 2001

Participants and Presentations


The following is a list of confirmed participants.  For some of the participants we have the title of their presentation.

Faruk. Abi-Khuzam

"A sharp norm-inequality for non-homogeneous distance functions"

Abstract: A sharp two-sided norm-inequality is obtained for a non-homogeneous distance function in Rn. Such inequalities are needed in the study of the boundedness of certain singular integral operators in harmonic analysis.
Giampietro Allasia
Drumi Bainov, Title to be announced
Vasile Berinde, North University of Baia Mare

On some inequality-form tests for series and sequences

Constantin Buse, University of the West, Timisoara, Romania

"Ostrowski's Inequality for Vector-Valued Functions and Associated Operator Inequalities"
Coauthors: N.S. Barnett, P.Cerone and S.S. Dragomir

"A new Proof for a Rolewicz's Theorem Based on a Steffensen's type Inequality

P. Cerone, Victoria University, Australia

"Generalized Trapezoid Rules with Errors Involving Bounds on the n-th Derivatives"

Wing Sum Cheung
Aleksandra Cizmesija, Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb

"On generalizations of Bicheng-Debnath type of Hardy's integral inequality for multidimensional balls"

Silvia - Otilia Corduneanu, Gh. Asachi Technical University, Romania

"Some inequalities for the mean of almost periodic measures"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Octavian Crasnaru, Liceul Jimbolia, Romania

"About von Neumann's inequality for d-contractions"

N.M. Dragomir, Victoria University, Australia

"Inequalities for Hilbert Transform with Application in Image Enhancement"

Sever S. Dragomir, Victoria University, Australia

"Error Estimates for a Perturbed Trapezoid Inequality and Applications in Probability and Information Theory"

"A Survey on Inequalities for Csiszar f-Divergence and Application in Information Theory"

Liviu C. Florescu

"Fatou's inequality - extensions"

Masatoshi  Fujii

"A geometric mean in the Furuta inequality"

Paper: (pdf) (html)

Leslaw Gajek , University of Lodz, Poland

Dumitru Gaspar, Title to be announced

Pasc Gavruta, Title to be announced
Attila Gilanyi, University of Debrecen, Hungary

"A mean value inequality for Dinghas-type derivatives"

Coauthor: Zs. Páles

Abstract: In this talk a mean value inequality for Dinghas-type derivatives is proved. As a consequence of this result higher-order convexity properties of real functions are characterized in terms of generalized derivatives.
Carla Giordano, University of Turin, Italy

"Inequalities for the Logarithm of the Gamma Function Related to Asymptotic Expansions"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Liviu Ignat, University of Craiova, Romania

"A Variational Approach to Discontinuous Problems with Critical Exponents"

Eizaburo Kamei

"Order among Furuta type inequality"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Peter T Landsberg
Laszlo Losonczi, University of Debrecen, Hungary

"On the Comparison of Cauchy Mean Values"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Mihail Megan, Title to be announced
Milan Merkle 
Jadranka Micic, University of Zagreb

"Some Functions Preserving the Order of Positive Operators"

Coauthors: J.E. Pecaric and Yuki Seo.

Abstract:  (pdf) (dvi)

Alexandru I. Mitrea, Technical University, Romania

"Inequalities involving norms of some linear operators with application to approximation procedures"

Abstract: Some inequalities concerning the norms of some linear functionals which appear in numerical differentiation and quadrature formulas are deduced. By means of some principles of condensation of singularities, these inequalities are used in order to obtain corresponding divergence theorems.
Ram Mohapatra, University of Central Florida, Orlando

"Grüss Type Inequalities and Best Approximation"

Constantin P. Niculescu, University of Craiova, Romania

"New Developments in Convexity Theory"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Zsolt Pales, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,  Lajos Kossuth University, Hungary

"On Approximately Convex Functions"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Laurentiu Panaitopol, Title to be announced

  C.E.M. Pearce

"Quasilinearity and Hadamard's Inequality"
Coauthor:  S.S. Dragomir

Abstract: Several functionals are defined via Hadamard's inequality. It is established that these exhibit quasilinearity and monotonicity properties. Examples are provided.

Josip Pecaric, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

"Abel-Gontscharoff interpolating polynomial and some inequalities for convex functions of higher order"

Coauthor: Vera Culjak

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Lars-Erik Persson, Luleň University of Technology, Sweden 

"Hardy type and more general weighted integral inequalites"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Dan Popovici, University of the West Timisoara, Romania

"Cauchy-Schwarz Inequalities in Hilbert Modules"

Coauthor: Adriana Popovici

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Florin Popovici

"On Simpson’s Approximation Formula of the Riemann integral"

Coauthor: Razvan Anisca

Feng Qi, Jiaozhou Institute of Technology, China
Ioan Rasa, Department of Mathematics, Technical University, Romania

"Some Inequalities for Means and Convex Functions"

Abstract: We present some improvements of the Hermite - Hadamard inequality and - as a consequence - stronger versions of some inequalities of J. SÓndor.

Alessandra De Rossi

"Application of the strengthened Cauchy-Schwarz inequality to wavelet adaptive methods for elliptic problems"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

John Roumeliotis, Victoria University, Australia

"Peano kernels, numerical integration and Maple"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Jozsef Sandor, University of Babes-Bolyai, Romania

"Perfect numbers: a new perspective"

Abstract: Inequalities on classical arithmetic functions are used to obtain new proofs of certain theorems on perfect numbers. Various kinds of perfect numbers odd, even, super, cvasi, multiplicative, highly, e-perfect, etc) are considered, and many results as well as open problems are pointed out.
Dana Simian, Univ. L. Blaga din Sibiu, Romania

"On some multivariate inequalities"

Anthony Sofo, Victoria University, Australia

"Double Integral Inequalities Based on Multi-Branch Peano Kernels"

Marius Stanescu

"The operator theoretic flaviour of Hardy’s Inequality"
George Popescu

Doru Stefanescu, University of Bucharest, Romania

"Inequalities on Polynomial Roots"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Stefan M. Stefanov, Neofit Rilski South-West University, Bulgaria

"On Some Methods for Solving Variational Inequalities" 

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

George P. H. Styan, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Hossein Teimoori
George Tilea, Hidroelectrica S.A. Company, Romania
Gheorghe Toader,  Technical University, Romania

"Integral Generalized Means"
Coathor: Silvia Toader

Abstract: Using the model of the integral representation of the arithmetic-geometric mean of Gauss, many integral means where defined by H. Haruki, T. Rassias, G. Toader and S. Toader. Here we study a modification considered by Y.-H. Kim which gives only generalized means, that is positive reflexive functions of two positive variables.
Silvia Toader

"Some inequalities for means and convex functions"
Coauthor: Gheorghe Toader

Abstract: By generalized mean we understand a positive reflexive function of two positive variables. We study the partial derivatives of order one and two of a generalized mean. The results are used for giving some applications.
Zivorad Tomovski, Faculty of  Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, Skopje, Macedonia

"A note on two inequalities of Telyakovskii type"

Laszlo Toth, University of Pécs, Hungary

"The Maximal Order of a Class of Multiplicative Arithmetical Functions"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Bela Uhrin, University of Pécs, Hungary

"Self-affine tiles and digit sets via the geometry of numbers"

Abstract: (pdf) (html)

Bicheng Yang 
Baoquan Yuan, Jiaozuo Institute of Technology, People's Republic of China.

"An Inequality about Exponent e and Its Application to Refine the Carleman's Inequality"

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