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Research Report Collection

Volume 12, Issue 3, 2009

1. S.S. Dragomir
A Concept of Synchronicity Associated with Convex Functions in Linear Spaces and Applications  
Abstract   PDF 
2. Chao-Feng Shi
A New Variational Inequality with its Application  
Abstract   PDF 
3. Peng Gao
On Weighted Remainder Form of Hardy-type Inequalities  
Abstract   PDF 
4. Huan-Nan Shi and Jian Zhang
Schur-convexity and Schur-geometric convexity of Cebysev Functional  
Abstract   PDF 
5. D. Comanescu and S.S. Dragomir
A Generalization of the Klamkin Inequality  
Abstract   PDF
6. L. Ciurdariu
Some inequalities in C and C*-algebras  
Abstract   PDF
7. Xiao-Ming Zhang, Bo-Yan Xi and Yu-ming Chu
Another New Proof Method of Analytic Inequality  
Abstract   PDF
8. A. Morassaei
On Hadamard's Inequalities for the Convex Mappings Defined in Topological Groups and Connected Result  
Abstract   PDF
9. J.S. Aujla, S.S. Dragomir, M. Khosravi and M.S. Moslehian
Refinements of Choi-Davis-Jensen's inequality
Abstract   PDF
10. L. Ciurdariu
About Bergstrom and Dunkl-Williams Inequalities in Pseudo-Hilbert Spaces  
Abstract   PDF
11. Chao-Ping Chen
The Best Bounds in Vernescu's Inequalities for the Euler's Constant
Abstract   PDF
12. J. Sandor
A Note Concerning the Euler Totient
Abstract   PDF
13. S.S. Dragomir, Y.J. Cho, and S.S. Kim
Some Inequalities in Inner Product Spaces Related to the Generalized Triangle Inequality
Abstract   PDF
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