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Research Report Collection

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2009

1. E. Kikianty, S.S. Dragomir, and P. Cerone
Inequalities of Grüss type involving the p-HH-norms in the Cartesian product space  
Abstract   PDF 
2. Xiao-Ming Zhang
A new proof method of analytic inequality  
Abstract   PDF 
3. A. Witkowski
On Two- and Four-Parameter Families
Abstract   PDF 
4. S.S. Dragomir, M. Khosravi and M.S. Moslehian
Bessel Type Inequalities in Hilbert C*-Modules
Abstract   PDF 
5. N. Batir
New Inequalities For The Hurwitz Zeta Function
Abstract   PDF 
6. A. El Farissi, Z. Latreuch and B. Belaidi
Hadamard-Type Inequalities For Twice Differentiable Functions
Abstract   PDF 
7. S.S. Dragomir and A. Sofo
Lower and Upper Bounds of the Cebysev Functional for the Riemann-Stieltjes Integral
Abstract   PDF 
8. Peng Gao
On a Result of Levin and Steckin
Abstract   PDF 
9. N. Batir
Inequalities for the Gamma Function
Abstract   PDF 
10. E. Kikianty and S.S. Dragomir
On New Notions of Orthogonality in Normed Spaces via the 2-HH-Norms
Abstract   PDF 
11. Huan-Nan Shi and Shan-He Wu
A Relation of Weak Majorization and its Applications to Certain Inequalities for Means
Abstract   PDF 
12. R. Oláh-Gál and J. Sándor
On Trigonometrical Proofs of the Steiner-Lehmus Theorem
Abstract   PDF 
13. S.S. Dragomir
The Perturbed Median Principle for Integral Inequalities with Applications
Abstract   PDF 
14. M. Khosravi, H. Mahyar and M.S. Moslehian
Reverse Triangle Inequality for Hilbert C*-Modules
Abstract   PDF 
15. Wengui Yang
Some New Hilbert-Pachpatte's Inequalities
Abstract   PDF 
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