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Research Report Collection

Volume 11, Issue 4, 2008

1. P. Cerone, S.S. Dragomir, and A. McAndrew
On a Generalised Trapezoidal Rule for Functions of Bounded Variation  
Abstract   PDF 
2. Da-Mao Li and Huan-Nan Shi
Schur Convexity and Schur-Geometrically Concavity of Generalized Exponent Mean
Abstract   PDF 
3. Zhen-Hang Yang
A New Proof of Inequalities for Gauss Compound Mean
Abstract   PDF 
4. Peng Gao
A Note on lp Norms of Weighted Mean Matrices
Abstract   PDF 
5. S.S. Dragomir
Vector Inequalities for Powers of Some Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Abstract   PDF 
6. Necdet Batir
Inequalities for the Double Gamma Function
Abstract   PDF 
7. Chao-Ping Chen
Asymptotic Representations for Stolarsky, Gini and the Generalized Muirhead Means
Abstract   PDF
8. R. Olah-Gal and J. Sandor
A Note on a Generalization of Lehman's Inequality
Abstract   PDF
9. S.S. Dragomir
Power Inequalities for the Numerical Radius of a Product of two Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Abstract   PDF 
10. Peng Gao
On Weighted Mean Matrices Whose lp Norms are Determined on Decreasing Sequences
Abstract   PDF 
11. Chao-Ping Chen
Stolarsky and Gini Means
Abstract   PDF
12. M. Masjed-Jamei, Feng Qi and H. M. Srivastava
Generalizations of Some Classical Inequalities via a Special Functional Property
Abstract   PDF 
13. Jian Liu
The Composite Theorem of Ternary Quadratic Inequalities and its Applications
Abstract   PDF 
14. Z. Tomovski and T.K. Pogany
New Upper Bounds for Mathieu-Type Series
Abstract   PDF 
15. Chao-Ping Chen
The Monotonicity of the Ratio Between Stolarsky Means
Abstract   PDF
16. S.S. Dragomir and H.B. Thompson
A Two Points Taylor's Formula for the Generalised Riemann Integral
Abstract   PDF
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