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Volume 10, 2007 Supplement






1. On an Inequality of the Lupas Type N.S. Barnett and S.S. Dragomir

(dvi) (ps) (pdf 27/02/07
2. Sums of Series of Rogers Dilogarithm Functions A. Hoorfar and Feng Qi (dvi) (ps) (pdf 28/02/07
3. A General Generalization of Jordan's Inequality and a Refinement of L. Yang's Inequality Feng Qi, Da-Wei Niu, and Jian Cao (dvi) (ps) (pdf 28/02/07
4. Subadditive and Superadditive Properties of Polygamma Functions Feng Qi and Bai-Ni Guo (dvi) (ps) (pdf 28/02/07
5. A Generalization of Van Der Corput's Inequality Feng Qi, Jian Cao, and Da-Wei Niu (dvi) (ps) (pdf 28/02/07
6. Approximating the Stieltjes Integral of Bounded Functions and Applications for Three Point Quadrature Rules S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 05/03/07
7. Approximating the Stieltjes Integral via the Darst-Pollard Inequality S.S. Dragomir and A. Sofo (dvi) (ps) (pdf 05/03/07
8. Integral Inequalities and Applications for Bounding the Cebysev Functional P. Cerone and S.S. Dragomir (pdf 20/04/07
9. Multidimensional Integration via Dimension Reduction and Generators P. Cerone (dvi) (ps) (pdf 26/07/07
10. On Some Inequalities in Normed Linear Spaces S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 26/07/07
11. Inequalities for the p-Angular Distance in Normed Linear Spaces S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 26/07/07
12. Identities by Generalized L-Summing Method M. Hassani and Z. Jafari (dvi) (ps) (pdf 26/07/07
13. On Some Inequalities in Normed Algebras S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 17/08//07
14. Some inequalities for - normal operators in Hilbert spaces S.S. Dragomir, M.S. Moslehian (dvi) (ps) (pdf 17/08//07
15. A Refinement of Jensen's Inequality with Applications for f-Divergence Measures S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 17/08//07
16. A Sharp Bound of the Cebysev Functional for the Riemann-Stieltjes Integral and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 07/09/07
17. Sharp Bounds for the Deviation of a Function From the Chord Generated by its Extremities and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (ps) (pdf 07/09/07
18. Approximating the Riemann-Stieltjes Integral via a Cebysev Type Functional S.S. Dragomir   (dvi) (ps) (pdf  22/12/07
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