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Volume 5, 2002 Supplement








Improved GA Inequalities  R. Satnoianu

(pdf) (doc) 7/05/02


A Double Inequality for Remainder of Power Series of  Tangent Function Chao-Ping Chen and Feng Qi

(dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02


An Approximation of the Fourier Sine Transform via Grüss Type Inequalities and Applications for Electrical Circuits S.S. Dragomir and A. Kalam

(dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02


Generalizations of Euler Numbers and Polynomials Qiu-Ming Luo and Feng Qi (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
5. An Approximation of the Hankel Transform for Absolutely Continuous Mappings N.M. Dragomir, S.S. Dragomir, M. Gu, X. Gan and R. White (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
6. Sharp Integral Inequalities of the Hermite-Hadamard Type A. Guessab and G. Schmeisser (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
7. Means, g-Convex Dominated Functions & Hadamard-Type Inequalities S.S. Dragomir, C. E. M. Pearce and J. Pecaric (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
8. Some Inequalities for the Chebyshev Functional S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
9. Geometric Means, Index Mappings and Supermultiplicativity D. Comanescu, S.S. Dragomir,  and C. E. M. Pearce (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02


Improvements of Ostrowski and Generalised Trapezoid Inequality in Terms of the Upper and Lower Bounds of the First Derivative S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02


Some New Inequalities of Ostrowski Type S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 17/05/02
12. A Grüss Type Inequality for Isotonic Linear Functionals and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 20/05/02


A Companion of the Grüss Inequality  and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 22/05/02


New Upper and Lower Bounds for the Cebysev Functional P. Cerone and S.S. Dragomir

(dvi) (pdf) (ps) 22/05/02


A Grüss Related Integral Inequality and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 31/05/02


Monotonicity Results for the Gamma Function Chao-Ping Chen and Feng Qi (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 01/06/02
17. The Median Principle for Inequalities and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 21/06/02
18. The Generalised Integration by Parts Formula for Appell Sequences and Related Results S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 21/06/02
19. Some Inequalities for the Finite Hilbert Transform of a Product S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 21/06/02
20. Properties of Some Sequences of Mappings Associated to the Hermite-Hadamard Inequality S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 21/06/02
21. Approximating the Finite Hilbert Transform via Ostrowski Type Inequalities for Absolutely Continuous Functions S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 21/06/02
22. An Inequality of Ostrowski Type in Terms of the Lower and Upper Bounds of the First Derivative S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 01/07/02
23. Improvement of Lower Bound in Wallis' Inequality Chao-Ping Chen and Feng Qi (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 18/07/02
24. A Generalized f-Divergence for Probability Vectors and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 07/08/02
25. On the p-Logarithmic and a - Power Divergence Measures in Information Theory S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 07/08/02
26. Sharp Bounds of Cebysev Functional for Stieltjes Integrals and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 09/08/02
27. New Estimates of the Cebysev Functional for Stieltjes Integrals and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 09/08/02
28. A Companion of Ostrowski's Inequality for Functions of Bounded Variation and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 14/08/02
29. Some Companions of Ostrowski's Inequality for Absolutely Continuous Functions and Applications S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 14/08/02
30. Ostrowski Type Inequalities for Functions whose Derivatives are Convex S.S. Dragomir and A. Sofo (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 19/08/02
31. Sharp Error Bounds of a Quadrature Rule with One Multiple Node for the Finite Hilbert Transform in Some Classes of Continuous Differentiable Functions S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 06/09/02
32. A Few New Inequalities for the Mean Zhao Changjian, M. Bencze and Z.F. Starc (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 01/11/02
33. An Approximation for the Fourier Transform of Absolutely Continuous Mappings N.S. Barnett and S.S. Dragomir (dvi) (pdf) (ps) 22/11/02


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